WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Dec. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HealthGigJobs is already unique in the industry for its proprietary bid/counterbid functionality that enables employers and contractors to bypass costly middlemen by directly negotiating with each other to establish the right price for the right gig. The Company is rolling out another game-changer function which will enable users to get matched for gigs at a hyper-granular level via a hashtag system.

When posting gigs, Employers may create custom hashtags or add from the list of hashtags describing “special knowledge” or “skills”. Contractors may do the same by adding hashtags to strengthen their profile, thus communicating their unique knowledge, skills, or specific expertise.

For example, if a contractor speaks a certain language, is proficient doing injections or has expertise in diabetes management, a corresponding hashtag can be added to their profile which may become a part of the matching algorithm.

Small to mid-sized employers, struggling to find qualified workers, may save considerable amount of time, advertising expense, and overhead labor cost by getting their gigs matched with on-demand contractors possessing the exact knowledge or expertise required, and for the precise amount of time needed. This may also create new income opportunities for the business by having the ability to provide care to more patients with various conditions or simply fill understaffed coverage gaps with clinical and non-clinical workers.

Rick Yarosh, Co-Founder and President of HealthGigJobs said: “With its new hashtag matching system, HealthGigJobs has created yet another game-changer. We listened to the employers’ feedback, many of whom wanted on-demand contractors to have expertise in specific practice software or with certain procedures in advance of working a gig. We are proud to have delivered an effective solution.”

Anne Fredriksson, BSN, MS, Executive Vice-President of Operations and Engagement said: “Many healthcare workers have become victims of such chronic workplace stress or burnout that they have left their jobs in droves… but they have not wanted to leave their professions. The hashtag system enables workers to leverage their unique interests and proficiencies so that they can earn income doing what they love to do most and get paid on their terms.”

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Rick Yarosh, Co-Founder and President

SOURCE HealthGigJobs Services, Inc.