The Marketplace Where Healthcare Employers and Independent Workers Connect for On Demand Gigs

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The GigDeal Health marketplace empowers its users to bypass staffing agencies, recruiters, and job boards

I Want a Gig

I want to earn money, get paid what I’m worth, and have a better work/life balance.

I Want a Gig Worker

The GigDeal Health Marketplace provides strategies for on-demand skilled labor to help meet your operational needs.  

About GigDeal Health

Created, managed, and owned by healthcare professionals, GigDeal Health understands the complexities of working both as employers and independent contractors in the healthcare gig economy.  


What is GigDeal Health?

GigDeal Health is a patent pending technology marketplace.  It enables users to directly match and negotiate the terms for specific gigs.

Employers use GigDeal Health to grow and expand their businesses, flexing their workforce up and down to meet elastic demand.

Contractors can earn money on their terms, highlighting their unique skills, knowledge, and experience.