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What Can GigDeal Health Do For You?

GigDeal Health is a success based marketplace.  What does that mean?  There are no fees unless a gig job is successfully completed.  No cost to register, and you can post an unlimited number of gigs with no fee.

 GigDeal Health is the intelligent alternative designed to help you manage your bottom line.

The Marketplace has an option where employers can engage in an interactive bidding process with a matched professional.  It allows you to set mutually agreeable payment terms directly with contractors for each gig job.  Employers also have the option to skip the bidding process and set a fixed rate. 

Customize your gig matching with descriptive hashtags to find professionals with the specific skill, knowledge, and experience.

How Our Proprietary Bid/Counter-Bid Platform Works

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You can then negotiate a payment term through the system and confirm with the contractor you chose.​

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We schedule the gig and calendar it.

Process Payment

GigDeal Health processes the payment for your contractor.