Why GigDeal Health?

GigDeal Health is the intelligent alternative to traditional approaches. Designed and purpose-built to help employers manage their bottom lines, free staff for their day-to-day practice responsibilities, reducing the stress of having to do more with less. 

Staffing agencies are expensive, stretching already compromised operational budgets. Job boards are ineffective, loading inboxes with unverified resumes that have to be reviewed, taking precious time away from the practice and the patients. 

And, with both, you are paying fees with no guarantee of finding the right gig contractor. That’s where GigDeal Health Marketplace may be your effective solution. 

The GigDeal Health marketplace utilizes an interactive bidding process to set mutually agreeable payment terms DIRECTLY between employers and contractors for each gig job. All members of the community have had their credentials validated and verified for accuracy. Employers can post their gig job requirements for free and review potential contractors on the marketplace platform after being verified. 

When posting gigs, Employers may create custom hashtags or add from the list of hashtags describing “special knowledge” or “skills.”

Rick Yarosh, CEO and Founder of GigDeal Health said:  “With its new hashtag matching system, GigDeal Health has created another game-changer.  We listened to the employers’ feedback, many of whom wanted on-demand contractors to have expertise in specific practice software or with certain procedures in advance of working a gig.  We are proud to have delivered an effective solution.

How Our Proprietary Bid/Counter-Bid Platform Works

Create Your Profile

Create your profile, get verified, enter the type of contractor you are looking for.

Post a Gig

Enter what license or specialty (clinical or non-clinical) you need and what hours and/or days you need filled.

Get Matched

Your specific needs and specifications will match to a contractor’s skill set and qualifications.


You can then negotiate a payment term through the system and confirm with the contractor you chose.​

Get Scheduled

We schedule the gig and calendar it.

Process Payment

GigDeal Health processes the payment for your contractor.

Employer Support Benefits


HealthGigJob’s marketplace directly connects small to midsize healthcare employers with verified contractors, bypassing the traditional middleman. There are no fees to post a gig job description or review potential contractors. Only when a mutually agreeable gig is confirmed, is a modest fee charged.  Our community provides operational solutions to help healthcare employers fill gaps in coverage, scale their businesses up or down for growth or due to seasonal shifts in patient volumes, or as additional support to get special projects completed.  Unique to our community is our interactive platform where our bid/counter-bid process ensures the best compensation for each gig is negotiated to member’s satisfaction. 


It’s a reality of life that for most practices, margins are tight, budgets and staff are being cut and the remaining staff is being asked to do more than ever. For office managers, the stress is particularly high, especially when asked to qualify and validate temporary staff on top of the day-to-day activities associated with their practice. Our Concierge Assistants service essentially works in partnership with the office manager, taking care of all the work in posting, finding and filling temporary help, freeing the office manager. Delivering, the right support at the right price.


As the world around us has become more unsettled, we’ve been hearing from many employers that they desire a little more certainty in their lives. Employers are looking for staff that may start as gig workers but would remain on staff for longer periods of time. It’s for these customers that we offer our Try-it-before-you-buy-it service. Essentially, employers and contractors start as gig partners and if both find the engagement to their liking, they can extend the relationship for a modest fee.


Any person or organization may generate passive referral income via revenue sharing payments from each completed gig job, as long as the job was posted and processed on the platform. If you believe you can refer a minimum of 10 contractors and/or employers, please send an e-mail to hello@healthgigjobs.com to request your custom affiliate referral code. 

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